As young men, Joe Gambino and Joe "Pino" Barbieri came to the United States with the vision of what all foreigners had - "The American Dream". From this point on they both knew what they wanted and how to achieve it, with hard work and dedication. In 1985, after working with each other for years and learning the deli business, Salpino's was established. Through slow times and hardships they had to close and open a few stores before opening their main location in Wantagh, N.Y.

The secret of Salpino was that they started by limiting products with just a few meats and cold cuts, then expanded to fruits & veggies, then added a few aisles of imported delicacies. With 7 day shifts and 6 years passed, they knew they were on the right track. Business was good because of excellent service, and customers were happy, Joe and Pino were relieved after years of battle.

A few years after, they decided to open another deli in North Babylon, NY to expand again. They new that if customers were happy as a result of one location, then they knew a second should yield the same results. Now, in 2007, both Salpino locations offer a wide variety of Boars Head cold cuts, Bell & Evans Chicken, Sterling Silver meats, Imported Cheeses, home made salads and prepared food. Fresh home made cookies, cakes and pastries as well as a variety of fresh baked breads. Also don't forget about all the imported goods found throughout the store from olive oil to espresso. If you found it in italy, you will find it at Salpino. Salpino's is also your one stop shop for all your holiday needs. Salpino stocks to the ceiling just for you. This was exactly what Joe and Pino dreamed about - starting with nothing and ending with "The American Dream". As we say in Salpino "Close your eyes and you're eating in Italy".

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